Data Projects/Portfolio

Interests and Goals

Currently, my goal is to advance my understanding of data so that I can make an impact in the medical space. Currently, I work as a data steward for an entertainment talent company, eventually, I would like to work in the realm of medicine whether it is for hospitals, research, biotech, etc.

My interests have moved from analytics to data science and machine learning. The area that excites me the most is image classification models and how they can transform clinical medicine. At the moment, the technology and knowledge to create ML models that run medical diagnostics is available. The greatest issue I believe is accessibility, we have the tech to make profound changes in the healthcare world for many people but lack the reach.

Step 1 aka Medical Project 1 - Eye Diagnostic:

Here is the start of my journey in making an impact in the world of medicine using technology. Initially, the project will start as an image classification model that can detect the presence of glaucoma in retinal images, then to diabetic retinopathy with the ability to assess what stage/severity, then will ultimately be able to assess other biomarkers and assess health diagnostics just based off an image of the retina. My ultimate goal in this project is to build software that can be useful in the early detection of neurological disorders.

Bella Beat Capstone Project

It was created for the culmination of the Coursera Data Analytics certificate. In this project I primarily utilize R to run the analysis and create visualizations to discover trends in FitBit data.

Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks | Using data from FitBit Fitness Tracker Data

Analyzed data obtained from smart devices to provide insights for a women-focused health tech manufacturer 

Steps utilized in the project.

Data extraction and Exploration(SQL)

Through the skills learned through the google course, I have utilized those skills such as SQL in my own personal projects.

Portfolio/COVID_data_exploration at data_exploration · asadhamid6898/Portfolio
Projects data analysis projects centered around a diverse set of topics. - Portfolio/COVID_data_exploration at data_exploration · asadhamid6898/Portfolio

Data Visualization Skills

I am able to create visualization across many platforms(Tableau, R, Sheets) and can readily transfer that knowledge and creativity into new directions.!/?newProfile=&activeTab=0